1989 saw the launch of the first SARAH PACINI collection in Belgium. Guided by creativity, inspiration and commercial success, SARAH PACINI decides to open its first store. The innovative and distinctive style ensured the collection would soon be carried throughout Belgium by several high end multi-brand and exclusive SARAH PACINI stores.

1998 would be a significant year for SARAH PACINI. The collection made its first appearance at international shows where it became evident that not only loyal Belgium customers were inspired by the distinctive collection, but also those on the international scene who sought a new creative style.

With a philosophy that clothing should reflect the soul; SARAH PACINI’s collections are made in Italy and are a way of life. A unique blend between knit, fabric, colour and accessories, results in a collection that is ultra-feminine. Worn alone or combined with other styles, SARAH PACINI offers its clients a complete silhouette.

With over 40 exclusive SARAH PACINI stores and is featured in many multi-brand stores worldwide, SARAH PACINI is distributed in over 20 countries.

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